Have anyone of you thought you did something fantastic, have the people who judged you thought you were fantastic, and not come out on top? Thtas what happened to me. I had a competition on Saturday and I did awesome. I know I did awesome. The judges gave me all this confidence like I did really well and everything, but I guess I didnt do good enough. They sent me an e-mail saying that one of my peers won, and how they want me to continue music and crap like that. Judges shouldn't decieve you and pretend, and make you think that you're the best they've heard. That's what they made me feel like anyway.

I dont know if this should go in this community or not, but It's music related, so..........idk, w/e. Ok, I'm done my ranting now.

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   Well, let's see...I'm here, and I'm in an updating type of mood(and plus....people need to update more in this thing) Band was pretty boring today. I dont think Mr.Brian should conduct the  woodwinds....I'll do it next time :p(j/k) I dont think I could ever get them to listen to me ne way. And I would be missed w/in my section. So, WW Quintet people....rehearsals are gonna on Thursday after school from 2:45 to 3:30...BE THERE!!! We're probably gonna see if it's possible to play at Travis's thing, and we're definately gonna do student recitals. So that is the update I have for this.


P.S. I'm going to CALIFORNIA!!!! Friday!!!!!(which means i get to miss school)

I win again!!

Nvm, i dont win...Jen beat me, but thats cool. Anyway, I think this is a cool idea. This way we can complain about Mr.B and how hes always in a bad mood. Maybe it's just that time of the month :p. Anyway, I had a like 4 hr. rehearsal tday, and now my mouth hurts. But I'm feeling much better than before rehearsal. It's weird, yesterday i practiced and i felt better better b4 than after i practiced. And today i am feeling better after a full rehearsal. C'est tres bizzaro!

Anyway, this is my first post...probably with many more to come

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hehe. This is fun. I like it. And even though tim joined first, i was in the process of joining first, so i win. plus my name is listed first. hehe
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