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ok, so i have a question... is this thing ONLY for people in the band? or is it ok to be in here and be in chorus? cuz it's not like i'm just one of those people that sits in the back of the room and does nothing... i mean, i'm a section leader... i'm involved. i dunno... can someone answer please?
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oh crap... nvm... i guess by reading the other comments since i'm not TECHNICALLY in band i wouldn't be invited... oh well... maybe i'll start a "choir only" community... meh... that wouldn't work, all my friends are in band...........
This is Shannon the band prez... i dont know if you know who i am. Anyhoo, I dont see why you couldnt be in here. I didnt start the community, but its not like an official thing or anything like that, so i dont see why anyone would have an issue with it. Maybe thats just me tho
Sorry, it's just for band...someone can start a music department community though or something. *shrug*.
would you mind if i did that? cus in my opinion it'd be cool to have a ton of people that "play" all kinds of instruments do something.
Lol, I don't mind (and even if I did it wouldn't be up to me :p) But yea, it'd be cool to have that...hmm, now I just need to convince Alynn to make an lj so she can join all of these...hehe.
Yes, you do need to convince Alynn, lol.