existentialism on prom night

marching band


when are these extra marching music practice sessions?

i'm feeling a tad bit guilty.

i think there's one today.. but did i miss it or is at night??

i'll give a sour patch kid to whomever responds first. that is if they're not all gone yet.
eye of the beholder

What's up with B?

Gosh. Just becasue he was mad with people in jazz band (apprently this is why he was in a bad mood) doesn't mean he should take it out on us. gosh.

Oh, and I love3 how just because B was in a bad mood Mr. Brien decides to be a jerk as well. Gosh, he doesn't need to suck up to him anymore, he's been here for two years already.

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Hey everyone!... so as you all should know, i'm working ont he slide show for the music dept. this year so if you have any pics you can bring them to me or a president, but i'd rather me cuz then i'd know i got them, or you can request music to be played during the show, i have lists up at school, or you can leave a comment here or on my journal. And remember we've done stuff other than NY this year so bring in pics from anything, and im thinking of doing a special section on friends so if you have pics from you younger years im taking those too ! :) im hoping to make it really good this year so bring in your pics

<3 Emily
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Why can't people who are in the room shut up during flute sectionals? like, seriously. and it's always damn chorus people playing on the piano, or just sitting there laughing and talking. there are plenty of rooms and hallways for doing that, why do they have to intrerupt a sectional? and as for the piano, there are other pianos not being used, so go find one! and guitars, well, go play thenm somewhere else! gah!
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another community

hey everyone, ok, i just want to let everyone know that i made another community for everyone in the music deptartment, so if you want you can join. it'd be cool to have a ton of people from all the other ensambles be in it. so, yeah, just wanted to let everyone know. thanks!
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ok, so i have a question... is this thing ONLY for people in the band? or is it ok to be in here and be in chorus? cuz it's not like i'm just one of those people that sits in the back of the room and does nothing... i mean, i'm a section leader... i'm involved. i dunno... can someone answer please?
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